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Geonet Product Range

GES Vertical Drains

These are highly effective in the construction of embankments and foundations on soft clay soils which require accelerated consolidation. GES Vertical drains are made from bio degradable cost effective materials for in expensive and environmentally safe solutions. These are custom designed. It usually has a thickness of 7.5mm.

GES Grids

These are structural components meant to restrain the earth masses as an alternative to metallic reinforcements in non-critical applications. The network of ribs with openings in between which enclose the soil , restrareinforin it and transfer forces ,by shear in different vertical layers so that the whole soil mass is reinforced. There are two types of grids-Uniaxial grid and Biaxial grid.

GES Geo pipes

These pipes are ideal for canal slope protection.They can confine soil but are permeable.They are available in round or square shapes and inner pipe dia depends on the application requirements.The outer biodegradable coir mass provides filtration, separation and prevents erosion.

GES Soil Protectors

These are special purpose composite products wherein geoproducts such as impermeable Geo membranes from tailor made polymers are used in conjunction with natural fibre based components in applications such as landfill management etc.

GES Geocells

These are thicker structural forms consisting of web and basal elements. These are ideal for reinforcement function and for foundations on weak soils. The customised products vary in Specifications depending on the application and soil types.

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