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GES soil saver

There are four major types of GES soil savers for different end uses.

Open weave Soil Saver:Open Weave Soil Protector is a net fabric woven from coir yarn. It is an ideal geotextile for situations where land is sloppy which may lead to tiling and gulling. In such slopes, heavy rainfall causes loss of soil. In the areas of scanty rainfall where soil is non-cohesive and prone to wind blowing, open weave soil protectors provides adequate protection. There is no need for post-installation work.

Loop weave Soil Saver:Coir loop fabric is a product made with loop construction usually manufactured in rolls for use as a geo fabric for soil erosion control and soil stabilization.

Non-woven erosion control blankets(ECBs): are made of bio-degradable coir fibres needle punched or stitch bonded to form a mesh for controlling erosion. In the case of needle punched ECBs the tensile strength is imparted by the strength of the pegs of needling.The relationship of the curl and its direction affects the fabric strength. The additional strength is generated by a backing fabric which is photo-degradable. The ECbs are available in various fibre densities such as 400gms per Sqm, 600gms per sqm,900gms per Sqm and in various dimensions in roll form.

Ready to install lawns: These are engineered products from GES using a combination of Horticulture and material scinece.The Lawns are custom designed and tailored to meet the specific requirements such as landscaping, erosion prevention cum ready greening etc. The different plant species are used for various end uses. The lawns are available in roll forms and can be easily installed.

  • Basic Functions of GES Soil Savers
Fluid Transmission: GES Soil Saver accumulate and convey considerable fluid flow within its own plane towards an outlet, thus draining the soil in which it is placed
Filtration: GES Soil Saver as a filter by allowing fluids to pass through it in the normal line of flow while preventing the soil particles from being carried away by the fluid current
Separation: GES Soil Saver prevent the mixing of different materials such as fine soil and gravel when subjected to squeezing so that each of them can retain individual properties
Reinforcement: GES Soil Saver function as a tensional membrane when placed between two materials having different pressures and tension balances the pressure difference between two materials, thus strengthening the structure. Coir Geotextiles acts as a tensile member when it provides tensile modulus and strength through interface shear strength
Protection: GES Soil Saver protect a material when it nullifies or distributes stress and strain to the protected material
Support: GES Soil Saver prevent puncturing of the membranes over the voids when interfaced between a water tight membrane (geomembranes) and a material containing void spaces

For more information GES Soil Savers, please do send us an enquiry and we will be happy to assist you.

GES Coco logs

Coco logs are made from coir fibre bunches under pressed condition in tubular enclosures of knotted coir yarn. Normally coir logs are produced with a dia of 30 cm,40 cm,50 cm with a length of 3 metre or 6 metre and can weigh 60kg to 180 kg. In the case of rectangular shaped logs additional planting space will be obtained. The rolls are secured by appropriate specified stake and with 15 cm to 20 cm showing above the water level. Stacking of coir logs is done in case of higher embankments. The logs are attached at the edge of the bank and secured by wooden pegs. This structural support will provide the protection to the banks till the vegetation is established.

GES Coco logs are widely used in situations of steep slopes or currents/waves causing instability. It is also used in desert areas for controlling desertification due to sand movements. These Logs can:

  • Help withstand wave impact and storm water sheet flow forces
  • Provide a stable substrate which promotes root growth
  • Help collect and hold mineral and organic particles
GES Coco logs are available in round or square shapes and the outer netting can vary depending on the application and the strength requirements.
Special Coco logs like Pre-planted, Pre-holed ,Bio-logs, Wattles etc are available.

GES Coir Fibre Beds

Coco beds are made from coir fibre and coir geotextiles. Coir Beds are made out of 100% natural coir fibre and coir woven mesh mattings of appropriate aperture size and tensile strength. Coir fibre is sandwiched between two layers of mattings to form a soft thick pad resembling a thin bed. Coir beds can be produced in different thickness,width and length as per the site situations. Relatively steep stream banks can be covered with preplanted coir beds. The sediments will be collected and held in coir beds which will help purify the water stream and help plant growth.

For more information on GES Coco Logs & Coir Fibre Beds,
please do send us an enquiry and we will be happy to assist you.