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Geo Engineering products A profile

Geo Engineering products popularly called Geosynthetics are modern civil engineering construction materials .They modify/improve soil/geologic material behaviour. They generally replace scarce raw material resources like steel, cement etc. and are good alternatives to conventional designs in terms of eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness etc.They are sometimes the only means of construction. They carry out the basic functions such as Filtration, Drainage, Separation, Reinforcement, protection etc. Geotextiles is a major product category under the Geo Engineering products. Geotextiles have been used for thousands of years. Many ancient structures including Great wall Of China, Walls of Giant Towers in Babylonia and roadways construction in the days of Pharaohs incorporated natural fibres, fabrics or vegetation mixed with soil to provide reinforcement. The geoproducts need to have certain properties such as thickness, permeability, continuity, tensile strength so as to be able to carry out the desirable functions.