GEONET Products Range


  • What are Geo synthetics?
    A planar, synthetic or natural material used in contact with soil/rock and/or any other Geo technical material for filtration, drainage, separation, reinforcement and protection.
  • What is Geotextiles?
    Geotextile is a permeable fabric capable of controlling soil erosion. It protects the earth and promotes vegetation retaining precious top soil.
  • Why geoproducts from GES are preferred in many civil engineering applications?
    GES geo products are engineered products primarily from natural materials. The synthetic materials are used only in certain specific applications where synthetics offer distinct technical and cost advantages. Thus GES geoproducts are cost effective and environment friendly. The solutions are designed to achieve the desirable performance levels at the minimum costs. The simplicity of procedures and post installation maintainance makes these attractive. The custom made solutions are guaranteed for performance.
  • Why Geotextiles are important for the country?
    It is estimated that India losses 27% of top soil every year equivalent to about to 60 billion tonnes of soil through erosion. The top soil is critical for agriculture and other infrastructure buildups. The application of Coir Geotextiles could lead to the stabilization of soil through vegetation thereby saving the loss of precious top soil. Thus geotextiles do have a critical role to play in the economy of the country.
  • Why are GES Soil Savers from Geonet Envirosolutions superior to other geotextiles?
    The GES Soil savers are made from specially spun coir yarn with tailor made physical and chemical properties.The weaving of the nets is done in looms where highly skilled weavers are employed ensuring dimensional stability. GES Soil savers are resistant to rot, moulds and moisture. It does not require any chemical treatment. It is eco-friendly and bio degradable. Compared to other natural fibres like cotton, jute etc coir fibres are of larger diameter and curvature. Coir fibres posses rigidity to bending which helps in functions such as separation. When decomposed fully or partially over time serve as a nutrient to the vegetation that is being nurtured.Geo synthetics are more expensive and are not bio-degradable. Besides they adds to the toxicity of the soil.
  • How do we decide the type of Coir Geotextiles for a particular application?
    The selection of the Geotextiles would depend on factors such as type and degree of improvement required, type of soil, geological structure and seepage conditions, costs, durability of the material in the environment as related to the expected life of the structure, possible damage during the construction etc.
  • Are Coir Geotextiles cost effective as compared to conventional alternatives?
    Yes. Coir Geotextiles are cost effective compared to conventional soil protection/stabilization techniques. The conventional techniques often involve huge material and labour cost and sometimes are not suitable to the environment where it is to be applied there by having a short life for the solution. Soil bioengineering techniques offer long lasting solutions in an environmental friendly manner.
  • Why Geonet Envirosolutions for Soil Bioengineering?
    Geonet Envirosolutions is an end to end solution provider for any soil bioengineering needs. The technical panel of GES consists of the experts in the soil bioengineering solutions who could give solutions to the toughest of the soil bioengineering problems. With a young and dynamic team and partners across the country GES could provide the best possible solutions to customers in minimal time with utmost precision.