GEONET Products Range

Basic Functions of Geo Products

Fluid Transmission : Coir Geotextiles accumulate and convey considerable fluid flow within its own plane towards an outlet, thus draining the soil in which it is placed
Filtration : Coir Geotextiles serves as a filter by allowing fluids to pass through it in the normal line of flow while preventing the soil particles from being carried away by the fluid current
Separation : Coir Geotextiles prevent the mixing of different materials such as fine soil and gravel when subjected to squeezing so that each of them can retain individual properties
Reinforcement : Coir Geotextiles function as a tensional membrane when placed between two materials having different pressures and tension balances the pressure difference between two materials, thus strengthening the structure. Coir Geotextiles acts as a tensile member when it provides tensile modulus and strength through interface shear strength
Protection : Coir Geotextiles protect a material when it nullifies or distributes stress and strain to the protected material
Support : Coir Geotextiles prevent puncturing of the membranes over the voids when interfaced between a water tight membrane (geomembranes) and a material containing void spaces

Geo Engineering - A Profile

Geo Engineering products popularly called Geosynthetics are modern civil engineering construction materials.

Basic Functions

Geo products have various basic finctions like fluid transmission, filtration, separation, reinforcement etc.