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Geonet Enviro Solutions Pvt Ltd have a team who have been associated with the green business for over 20 years using natural fibre based geotextiles and other geo products such as Geo grids, geo membranes, geo composites, geo nets, geo fibres, geo pipes etc. We have the capability to provide the end to end solutions for all your needs in construction or civil engineering using bio-engineering. Soil bio engineering is considered as an eco-friendly and cost effective subset under bio-technical stabilization where mechanical elements in combination with live biological elements are used in an integrated and complementary manner. The principles of plant science and horticulture are invoked to select, propagate and establish suitable plant materials and the plant parts themselves, that is roots and stems, serve as the main structural elements for controlling problems such as soil erosion in a slope etc.

Our Specialisation

Geonet EnviroSolutions Pvt Ltd is not just another Geotextiles and other geoproducts supplier. We are a group of experienced and committed professionals who have come together to help the construction civil engineering industry, infrastructure development and related projects in general or forming part of other industries by providing cost effective bio technical and soil bio-engineering solutions. The GES team works on the problem areas along with the client project team and Geo net engineering studio is an extended arm of the client organization. Our experts are capable of designing, organizing, implementing solutions for highly challenging geotechnical problems encountered in wide ranging application areas.